About Us

We specialized in providing high-quality IT services
and consultants to startups, local companies, multinationals and governments.

About us

We are wolves!

Vado Consulting started with the idea that creating customized software and/or hardware shouldn't be crazy expensive or extremely time consuming. We specialize in providing the best UI/UX designers and software craftsmen on the market. In addition to providing manpower we offer the option to handle everything about your project and when we say everything, we mean EVERYTHING! We manage and provide all staff and equipment. We make sure all issues are taken care of. From idea to delivery, within budget and on time.

"Impossible" is a word we do not use,
at Vado Consulting we can make even your wildest dreams come true.

Our Clients

Cipal Schaubroeck
Fod Mobiliteit en vervoer
Vado electro
Vdh eventsupport
Museum de reede
Fros multisport
Lockit rentals